Raise Your Volume Academy with Tiphany Kane

Radically Disrupting Scientific Stereotypes with guest Leah Elson

May 16, 2023 Tiphany Kane/ KaSa Media Productions Season 4 Episode 150
Raise Your Volume Academy with Tiphany Kane
Radically Disrupting Scientific Stereotypes with guest Leah Elson
Radical Audacity in Love & Life with Tiphany Kane
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Show Notes

Close your eyes and get a picture in your head of a scientist...what does the scientist look like? did you picture an older white man that looks a bit like Bill Nye The Science Guy...or did you picture someone that looks like Neil deGrasse Tyson? Did you picture a man OR did you picture a woman?

My guest this week is working hard to disrupt the stereotype of a scientist being a man...and she is smashing pseudo-science misinformation...all while having the perfect cat-eye and deadlifting the equivalent of a small car!

Leah Elson is a clinical development scientist, non-fiction author, and passionate public science communicator. Her 14-year career in medical research has included the fields of orthopedics, novel biotechnology, oncology, and neuroscience. She is the creator and host of the popular web series “60 Seconds of Science,” as well as the creator and host of “The String Theory Podcast.”  Leah found these electronic platforms to be much safer alternatives for public science outreach, following the accidental combustion of her favorite shower curtain, while demonstrating the principles of a dual-phase rocket engine, live on camera. 

Leah's highly-anticipated debut book is due for release on June 27, 2023, championed by Blackstone Publishing. There Are (No) Stupid Questions… In Science is a hilarious and poignant, non-fiction piece, which answers the internet’s most curious scientific questions.
Pre-order a copy of There Are (No) Stupid Questions… In Science today!
Connect with Leah:
Instagram: @gnarlybynature
Website: www.leahelson.com

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